It’s Wednesday! On model minorities and Asian poverty

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Today I want to share an article regarding the new Power Rangers movie posted on The Nerds of Color. In Power Rangers Brings Asian American Poverty Front and Center, Bao Phi discusses how Asian Americans are generally considered to be the most effluent and least discriminated against minorities, and how that stereotype erases the real experiences of Asian Americans that live at or below poverty levels and live with daily racism. The importance of representation in media is key here, as one of the main characters is a young Chinese American man who is neither rich nor powerful. Continue reading “It’s Wednesday! On model minorities and Asian poverty”

Amnesty: Compassion in the Age of Rhetoric

by: Juan Meave

I’m a child of amnesty. My family came to the United States on two separate, but similar, journeys. My mom came with her family as a child, my dad by himself when he was a teenager, but both journeys began as illegal immigrants. Both sides of my family were from the same small mountain town in San Luis Potosi; they knew each other very well. In the early 1970’s, my mother’s family immigrated to the United States. They’d be one the first of many families to leave this town. Some families would immigrate to the U. S. Others, like my father’s, would move to the capital. There just wasn’t enough opportunity to support a family. To this day, the town is supported by the people that come back to visit, economic refugees coming back home. Continue reading “Amnesty: Compassion in the Age of Rhetoric”

It’s Monday!

Time to check your privilege!


Today, we’re understanding white privilege with The Root.

The concept of privilege often rankles those that feel accused of having it, but we have to remember, as allies it is our job to recognize where we have privilege, and do our best to level that playing field. That may be through policy changes or personal changes, but it is essential work.

It’s Wednesday!

Let’s widen our online reading!

Keeper of the Seeds_zpsuncfj27uI love the movie Mad Max: Fury Road. From just a purely aesthetic standpoint – I love action movies, I love post-apocalyptic stories, I love the cars, I love the way it was brought together in all its excess, its costumes and music and editing and sparse dialogue.

And I also loved it for its embrace of a woman action hero, it’s feminist messages in the refrain “who killed the world?” and in the story of women rescuing women, and for its side story of Nux’s transformation from a religious fanatic to a person who discovers the true meaning of devotion.

But the movie can not be hailed as a feminist masterpiece. As movies improve and representation for women becomes more common, our intersectional feminism for POC still suffers. (See Ghostbusters, another movie I loved but failed in this regard. ) Continue reading “It’s Wednesday!”