Lilith’s Final Warning

artist: Kimberly deLeon

Image description: a dark photograph featuring a small red-roofed house on a brown ground surrounded by 4 fires and a rock. A small amount of dark blue sky can be seen.

Lilith’s Final Warning

15 in. x 10 in.

digital photograph


From the artist: Lilith’s Final Warning focuses on fire as a violent, powerful, and somewhat uncontrollable force. It represents Lilith, an apocryphal precursor to Eve who would not be controlled by Adam. The red roof hut in the photo – the target of Lilith’s ire – is inspired by menstrual huts but more broadly, represents all the boxes we put femininity and womanhood into.

Kimberly deLeon started Lift Magazine in the spring of 2017 as a personal project to both create and seek out socially responsible art. She is a recovering scientist, a recovering Mormon, and a recovering know it all. Her creative endeavors include baking, photography, and creative writing, but she would rather spend all that time watching British TV. She and her husband live in Fort Worth, Texas with their two children and their Yorkie, BamBam.

© Author/Artist retains all rights to reprint, publish, license and/or sell their Work.




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