It’s Wednesday!

Let’s widen our online reading!!

E. CE Miller shares some tips on Bustle to help widen your reading list so it is more inclusive. What is your favorite book in translation? Has anyone else read The Dinner by Herman Kock?

And elsewhere, Angela Dumlao writes for Medium about YouTubes policy to include LGBTQIA+ in their restricted content in: Youtube blocked the videos that changed my life

YouTube is trying to shrug this all off as just a glitch in the system. The thing is, algorithms don’t pop up out of thin air. LGBTQIA+ content doesn’t get incorrectly labeled by accident. Code is written by human people: hands-to-keyboard. This is in fact the exact reason why LGBTQIA+ video content should always be accessible — to change hearts and minds, to get to the consciousness and down into subconscious of people who will (un)thinkingly flag G-rated music videos because they feature queer artists. We must continue to fight not only for equality under the law, but representation from the big screen to our laptop screens.

Let YouTube know that you support equal access for LGBTQIA+ voices and content here.


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