It’s Wednesday!

Let’s widen our online reading!

Please click through and read Vrai Kaiser’s essay, “Nobody to Wear” on Popularium. It’s a beautiful look at identity, seeing yourself, and that adolescent feeling of not believing your outside can ever match your inside.

And then click over to Feminist Current for the provocative, “You’ve Heard of Rape Culture, but Have You Heard of Pedophile Culture?” I don’t want us to ever get into the trap of shaming other women for the choices they make with their bodies, but this resonated strongly, every summer when I feel compelled to shave my body baby smooth, every time I see those flirty 50s dresses that keep coming back in style with their petticoats you’d put on a toddler as soon as a grown woman. We want to live in a society where women and men can make free choices about their personal expression, but we don’t live in that society. Not yet.

And finally, a great meme by Jerilyn Hassell Pool, found on facebook.


What have you been reading this week? What’s challenged you?


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