Black Lives Matter

Jordan Edwards, Rest in Power

Image description: a young black teenager smiles at the camera. You can see the collar and shoulders of a turquoise shirt, and there is a red background.

From the family:

“Not only have Jordan’s brothers lost their best friend; they witnessed firsthand his violent, senseless, murder,” the statement reads. “Their young lives will forever be altered. No one, let alone young children, should witness such horrific, unexplainable, violence.”

83 Black Americans have been shot and killed by police this year* according The Washington Post’s database.

Trevon Johnson

James E. Lewis

Mark Guirguis

James Owens

Ruben Randolph

Jamal Parks

JR Williams

Davion Henderson

Darrion Barnhill

Jahlire Nicholson

Herbert Johnson

Marquis Thomas

Ronnie Lee Shorter

Christopher Thompkins

Armond Brown

Arties Manning

Kevin Darnell Washington

Deaundre Phillips

Mi’Chance Dunlap-Gittens

Marvin Washington

an unidentified man

Tavis Crane

Michael Russo

Jamake Cason Thomas

Johnnie J. Harris

Nano Adomako

Shelly Porter

Jerome Allen

Cole Wooley

Curtis Jamal Deal

Chad Robertson

Quanice Derrick Hayes

Jocques Scott Clemmons

Carlos Keith Blackman

Darryl L. Fuqua

Alonzo E. Ashely

Willard Eugene Scott

Raynard Burton

Kenneth Lee Bailey

Kadeem Torres

Jimmy Briggs

Jean R. Valescot

Chance David Baker

Keo Crockett

Christopher Carter

Don Clark

Medger Blake

Morgan London Rankins

Timothy Lionel Williams

Lorenzo Antoine Cruz

Earl Riley

Christopher Redding

Epthen Lamont Johnson

Dennis Todd Rogers

Brandon Wiley

Luke O. Stewart

Rashad Daquan Opher

Cordale Quinn Handy

Frederick Ricardo Brown

Jermaine Claybrooks

Patrick Earl Gatson

Rodney James Hess

Desmond Phillips

Alteria Woods

Don Johnson

William Stokes

Eddie Davis

Reno Joseph Owens

Leroy Brown

Christopher Wade

Richard Xavier Summers

Zelalem Eshetu Ewnetu

Olugbalah Ridley

Keith Price

Damarius Butts

William D. Spates

Gavin Williams

Selwyn Aubrey Hall

Burgon Sealy

Avery Richard

Jordan Edwards

James Edward Ray

Black Lives Matter

4 months. 2 were female, 81 male. 5 were under age 18. 11 had known mental illness. 12 are known to have been unarmed. North Carolina and Texas are the worst offenders by state, with 7 killings each.

Black Lives Matter

Black Americans are 2.5 times more likely to be shot and killed by police than White Americans.

Black Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter

This is What White People Can Do to Support #BlackLivesMatter

Your Guide on How to Support Black People After Incidents of Police Violence


*possibly more. 45 individuals in the database have an unknown race listed.



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