It’s Monday – Is Wonder Woman the feminist model we should aspire to?

wonder_woman_mainSo pretty much everyone has seen Wonder Woman by now, right? (Well, not me, I won’t see it until it comes out on Amazon or DVD.) So in checking our privilege this Monday, I’d like to share some (relatively, but not totally) spoiler-free critiques of the movie.

First up is A Feminist Reading of Wonder Woman from Feminism in India. Although there a couple of problematic moments in the article (reverse sexism isn’t a thing!) and Gal Gadot’s controversy is brought up without any context or discussion, there are some great points. This stood out to me:

And yet, the film somehow gives off the vibe as if the creators have simply co-opted the trends of feminism and diversity and presented them in bits and pieces within the film as and when it suited them. Diana’s naivety at times appears to be an occupational hazard of her being a woman, largely driven by her emotions, and once reaching to the “world of men”, she inadvertently falls under the guidance of Steve Trevor, despite being his superior in intelligence and strength, being a demigod et al.

Click through to read the whole thing.

wwboxofficeSecond is Why Wonder Woman is Bittersweet for Black Women on Harpers Bazaar. The author, Cameron Glover, analyzes the way black characters are presented in the movie, and compares that to other representations of Wonder Woman. She says:

The film’s erasure of women of color and missteps on race send the message that cis, straight, able-bodied, white womanhood is prioritized above all else. It’s important that this is not overlooked, because true feminism cannot exist without intersectionality, which demands the dismantling of racism and white supremacy.

Click through to read it all!



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