Lift Magazine seeks to be an ambassador for change through story telling. It is our mission to both bring awareness to the continued issues facing marginalized individuals and to help educate potential allies as they seek to recognize and work through their privilege. We hope that those who are white, male, able-bodied, cis-gendered, and/or hetereonormative find value in the words and images we publish. But even more, we seek to promote the creative voices of people of color, women, immigrants, those who are disabled, nonbinary, transgender, and queer through short fiction, poetry, and all visual art mediums. Authors need not necessarily identify with a marginalized population to be considered for publication at Lift. We publish pieces by any individual whose body of work is representative of our philosophy:

It’s the responsibility of the privileged to quiet their voices when a friend is speaking their truth, to lift their neighbors through acts of respect and solidarity, and to speak out with mind and body when another is not safe to do so.¬†Only through radical inclusivity and intersectional advocacy can we hope to lift each other to a kinder world.

Lift Magazine was started by Kim deLeon in the spring of 2017 as a personal project to both create and seek out socially responsible art. Her husband, Christian, serves as Visual Art Editor. They live in Fort Worth, Texas with their two children and their Yorkie, BamBam.

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