Our Contributors

received_10154477277448526Azul Uribe is a deportee with only 2.5 years left of her 10 year ban. She also writes for other places including Rational Faiths and occasionally on her personal blog, Happy Cosmopolite. She likes dogs, cats, and all animals (and is working on overcoming her fear of possums). She hates pants, is working on a couple of projects she can’t wait to tell you about, and wishes she was eating Kimmie’s handmade s’mores.


Dilani Bala is a Tamil-Canadian visual artist with a passion to study the human condition through portraiture. Check out her work on TumblrFacebook, and Instagram.


IMG_3297Hilary Brown is a writer and activist living in Oakland, California. Her writing explores themes of body deemed dangerous–queer, disabled, female–and the embodiment of god in nature and humanity. She seeks to celebrate what is too rarely celebrated: the necessity of decay, the simplicity of pain and healing, the slow process of becoming.

meaveJuan Meave is an Army veteran who wanted to put his writing abilities to good use. He saw the dehumanization of people in the political spectrum and wanted to combat it. He co-founded The TRUMP project, a Facebook group dedicated to sharing positive stories about the people behind policy decisions. Juan spends most of his time juggling a family and his career, but finds time for local activism and writing. You can check out his Instagram (@jlmeave) for a different taste of Juan’s writing style.

20160518_134320 copyKimberly deLeon started Lift Magazine in the spring of 2017 as a personal project to both create and seek out socially responsible art. She is a recovering scientist, a recovering Mormon, and a recovering know it all. Her creative endeavors include baking, photography, and creative writing, but she would rather spend all that time watching British TV. She and her husband live in Fort Worth, Texas with their two children and their Yorkie, BamBam.


Manivillie Kanagasabapathy is a Toronto based poet that draws inspiration from everyday moments. Finding her way back to poetry, Manivillie completed a poem a day challenge in 2016, where she successfully wrote 366 poems. Check out her poems on her website, Instagram, or follow her on Facebook.



Thiviyaa+Sehasothy,+Freelance+ArtistThiviyaa Sehasothy is the hand behind ‘Art By Thiviyaa’ in Toronto. Her paintings have bold & heavy brushstrokes, bright colours and are greatly influenced by her experiences, travels and the world around her. She creates painting to not just capture a mere moment, but instead the experience of fluidity, emotions and movement through time. An evolving narrative. See her portfolio on her website, and on Instagram & Facebook.