Submission Guidelines

Individual pieces for submission should fit into one of the following categories:

Short Fiction – Fiction pieces should be under approximately 5000 words (there is no minimum word count) and submitted in a Word document, double spaced, without images or extreme formatting. Please contact the editors for exceptions. At this time, all stories should be written in English or include an English language translation.

Poetry – All poetry forms are accepted. Poetry should be submitted in a Word document or .pdf to preserve specific formatting. Spoken word poetry can be submitted as a video, but must include a transcript of the poem. At this time, all poems should be in English or include an English language translation.

Visual Art – All visual art mediums, including painting, drawing, photography, prints, digital work, graphic design, mixed media, fibers, 3D works, video, and film are accepted and we will work with artists to best display their work but final editorial decisions will be made by Lift. You may submit up to 5 image files (if necessary) per piece. Images should be .jpg or .png and suitable for web publishing (at least 1000 px at 72 ppi). Larger images will be scaled to fit.

Authors need not necessarily identify with a marginalized population to be considered for publication at Lift. Individual works submitted must reflect the theme of the Lift motto: Support. Educate. Advocate. Additionally, an author’s body of work should be representative of our philosophy:

It’s the responsibility of the privileged to quiet their voices when a friend is speaking their truth, to lift their neighbors through acts of respect and solidarity, and to speak out with mind and body when another is not safe to do so. Only through radical inclusivity and intersectional advocacy can we hope to lift each other to a kinder world.

All submissions should be emailed to the Editors at Please include the following:

  1. In the subject line: Your last name and the category of your submission (fiction, poetry, visual art)
  2. In the body of the email: Your full name and city and preferred contact method. Please give us a brief introduction to your work (a single sentence is fine). Visual art submissions should list title, medium, dimensions, and year created. All collaborations should be noted, but only one person should submit the work.
  3. Attached: Your submission should be attached, not copied into the body of the email.

General Guidelines:

  • Previously published works should be notated as such in the body of your submission email. At this time Lift encourages authors interested in further publication to only submit previously published works as publishing on Lift may make works ineligible for submission to literary journals.
  • Only original works will be accepted.
  • Each submission must be in its own email. Please do not group multiple submissions.

Acceptance and Notification Policy:

  • Notification of acceptance or rejection will be sent to your listed preferred contact method.
  • Acceptance is predicated upon a review of the author or artist’s body of work.
  • The editor’s reserve the right to make minor editorial changes. Where this is the case, the author will be notified and given the opportunity to withdraw their submission.
  • A short bio will be published for each author and artist who’s work is published by Lift. This bio should be supplied to the editor’s promptly following acceptance and may be subject to editorial changes for length. An author or artist photo and links to personal websites may be included.